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Peregrinus {Latin}: wanderer, foreigner, stranger / pilgrim, crusader.

Peregrinus was the name of a Roman citizen who was know for his travels & wanderering around the Roman Empire. Later, the term was used for pilgrims who with humility and sacrifice jouryned to holy sites and shrines in Europe and the Holy Land, seeking conversion - to grow closer to God, and to make reparation for their sins.

This Peregrinus part of the Life 2 the Full site is for the benefit of those who travel. There are also some details of previous and possibly current voyages.

» Online Travel tools - Sites that assist those travelling.
» Train, Planes & Cars - Useful general info, timetables and bookings.
» Internet & Communications - Inexpensive 'net and phone, so we can keep in touch.
» Peregrinus 2009 - Some details of our Euro Honeymoon voyage of 2009.
» Peregrinus 2004 - Some details of our 2004 voyage.

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